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A complete half day rally driving experience

A complete half day rally driving experience


A half day jam packed with rally driving to give you the rally driving experience of a lifetime. You’ll be inducted into all the secrets the pros try to keep to themselves – power slides, handbrake turns, all the tips on handling the raw brute power of a rally prepared car. Then it’s on to the track to put it into practice and really show what you’re made of. Practice makes perfect, and this rally driving experience continues with a timed lap so you can measure yourself against the clock – and against the rest of the group. Then a white-knuckle ride as passenger while your pro whisks you round the course at competition speed. And you thought YOU were fast!!! You’ll be presented with a Certificate to mark the day and record what you’ve achieved, and take away as a memento of a fabulous dream day. Go for it, you know you can do it!



There’s the great standard half-day rally experience, or if you prefer some more specialised ones.

Check them all out below and lets get rallying!

Junior Rally Driving Half Day Picture
Junior Rally Driving Half Day
   Red letter days Logo£145.00
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Half Day Rally Course In Oxfordshire Picture
Half Day Rally Course In Oxfordshire
   Red letter days Logo£179.00
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Half Day Rage Rally Driving In Sussex Picture
Half Day Rage Rally Driving In Sussex
   Red letter days Logo£195.00
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Half Day Rally Picture
Half Day Rally
   Activity Superstore Logo£199.00
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Half Day Forest Rally Experience In Wales Picture
Half Day Forest Rally Experience In Wales
   Red letter days Logo£199.00
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Wacky races – a fun rally experience

“It’s rallying Jim, but not as we know it” might have been Mr Spock’s verdict on this brilliant unusual rally experience.

Northampton International Raceway plays host to this weird experience to out-weird all experiences. Did you ever think that anyone could drive a sofa whizzing along at over 80mph? Or perhaps you’ve seen the high-speed sofa already on Top Gear but never thought you’d get a go on it. Then what do you think about driving around in a fully equipped office?
And don’t forget the double-decker car, where the driver on the top deck steers and the driver below operates the foot pedals!
But the highlight of the whole day is when you get tucked up in a huge double bed and taken on a five mile drive through the local village!

Where do I find the cheapest Wacky Racers experience?

There’s only the one experience on offer, and it’s marketed by a couple of different experience providers.
We’ve got them all in one place for you, and our real time price checker shows you the up to the minute price from each. Take your pick. We only deal with the top experience providers that we know to be reputable so you can be sure they’re OK.

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Wacky races review

If riding items of furniture about at breakneck speed is what you’re looking for, then this is it!
Be aware that in most of the furniture rallies, you’ll be chauffeured by an expert who’s used to driving sofas at 80 miles an hour plus, or steering brass bedsteads down country lanes, so don’t expect to get your hands on the steering wheel on some of the stuff.

But we find that doesn’t detract from the fun – in fact it makes it better, as there’s no way in the time you’d learn the skill to get the sofa up to speed without breaking both your neck and the sofa. So it’s fun fun fun all the way, and daft fun at that

If you saw them trying out the speeding sofa on BBC’s Top Gear programme, you won’t need any convincing, but if you didn’t then check out this video of the very same sofa being shown off by its creator, Edd China.

Wacky racers as a gift idea

If you’re buying for petrol heads, they’ll have already been on a rally driving experience, a Ferrari day and even a Lamborghini experience. But you can bet that the one thing they haven’t been on is this Wacky Races day. So imagine what a laugh they’ll have, and if you fancy rearranging the cushions, you can even book yourself on at the same time and make it Tea for Two!!
One review says that this experience is the most fun you can have with your clothes on, and we don’t think they’re far wrong.

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