The next best thing to owning a supercar is driving one.

But even better than that is driving two

or three

or four!!

Yes this fantastic driving experience gives you the choice of how many of these thoroughbred bad boys you want to drive, limited only by your imagination and of course, your wallet.

The list of four-wheeled icons is the same, covering beauties such as Ferrari and Aston Martin, of course. But there’s also the mouthwatering Lambo to try (Lamborghini to give it its full name) or how about the to-die-for Lotus Elise?

Porsche, naturally enters the list, but there’s even a few surprises such as a real life Hummer if that floats your boat.


Supercar Choice With Hotlap Picture
Supercar Choice With Hotlap
   Into the blue Logo£39.00
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Junior Supercar Choice Picture
Junior Supercar Choice
   Into the blue Logo£39.00
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Kids Supercar Choice Picture
Kids Supercar Choice
   Into the blue Logo£39.00
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Kids Supercar Choice Oxfordshire Picture
Kids Supercar Choice Oxfordshire
   Into the blue Logo£49.00
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Platinum Supercar Choice Picture
Platinum Supercar Choice
   Into the blue Logo£59.00
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Supercar Drive Choice Picture
Supercar Drive Choice
   Activity Superstore Logo£79.00
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Junior Platinum Supercar Choice Picture
Junior Platinum Supercar Choice
   Into the blue Logo£99.00
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So how does it work – supercar choice review

Well first you decide on your budget and follow the link below for one car, two, three or four.

Then you check out the list of cars you can thrash (sorry, drive!!) round the circuit and pay particular attention to the ones that are available at the centre near you. Not all cars are available at all centres, and the list changes as they add new cars to the scheme and take away others.

What you then do is decide that if you’ve chosen one car, the list is so tempting that you need to add another, and another, and – well lets face it, you might as well start off on the Drive Four Cars link as that’s where you’ll end up, such is the tally of classic driving royalty that’s on offer.

And you don’t just get to sit in the passenger seat, you really get the chance to exercise your right foot with half a dozen laps of this high speed track in every single one of the cars of your choice.

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