The recent prosecution of a Barnsley man for riding his Segway to work has resulted in the Segway being declared illegal for use of roads here in the UK, or on pavements either!

In many US states, you can quite happily and legally ride your own Segway for work, play and fun, but not here in the good old UK.

Aren’t our judges wonderful?

The best way to experience a Segway

But fear not, if you can’t afford the three thousand pounds to buy your own Segway, and don’t have your own private segway rally track to ride it on anyway, you can still have the time of your life on one of our great Segway rally experience days, for a very cheap Segway price.

Strangely enough, the court case has made Segway experiences even more popular than ever, as people who hadn’t hear of the Segway before watched the news and couldn’t wait to try one of these quirky machines for themselves.

And once you’ve ridden a Segway, you’ll be hooked. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who’ve tried a Segway experience who’ve come back for more.

So check out how cheap Segway experiences really are – we’ve got the best for you in the selection below – and book yourself in for the time of your life.

Or make a Segway day the Valentine’s gift to be remembered all year long.

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2 For 1 60 Minute Segway Experience - Week Round
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