Scotland rally experiences? If you live North of the Border, then you won’t want to be travelling hundreds of miles South for a rallying day. But fortunately with the famous Knockhill circuit close at hand, you’ve one of the best rallying venues in the UK right on your doorstep. This makes sure that whether the rally experience is for yourself, or as a gift for a speed lover, you’ll be able to enjoy it right here in Scotland.

What rally days can I have in Scotland?

Well at Knockhill in Fife, there are all kinds of rally experience days to be had. Knockhill has rally days to suit the less intrepid would-be rally driver who wants to try try it out just to see what it’s like. But just as much it caters for the out and out rally freak whose sole aim is to thrash a rally tuned car to within an inch of its life and test his skills and courage to the limit.

Can I buy any unusual rally experiences?

Oh yes, you certainly can! If we’re talking a more relaxed, fun rally day, then what could be better than a Segway rally. You’ll have seen Segways on TV – though not on the UK roads as (unlike the US), you can’t ride them on public roads in the UK. It’s a speedy little machine balanced on two wheels that looks as though it shouldn’t be able to stand upright, but a clever arrangement of gyroscopes makes sure that it won’t fall over! And a group of you can go Segwaying near Edinburgh and have the time of your lives, so if you’re not familiar with it, check it outand you won’t regret it.

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Rally experience days in Scotland

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Rally Driving Scotland
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Ultimate Teen Drive & Rally Package
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