You may think Hampshire is a bit out of the way for rallying, as it’s a beautiful part of the world and one of its advantages is that it’s a long way from London and even the Midlands. But we’ve scoured the internet for you to show you the rally driving experiences you can buy that mean you don’t have to travel far to drive them.
We know that if you’re buying a rally driving experience gift for somebody, then it’s a bit off if they find they have to travel hundreds of miles before even getting in the rally car. So if you live in Hampshire, or even better, are sending a gift to somebody you know or a relative who Lives in Hampshire, then the experiences we’ve found would be ideal, at a range of prices to match your budget. The rally experiences are in Aldershot, so pretty easy to reach from most parts of the county.

And even better news is that if you’re after something a little quirky and away from the run of the mill stuff, then at Winchester you can even buy a Segway Rally Experience in Hampshire, and they’re very cheap experiences indeed!
Segway rally days put the emphasis on full out fun (remember House on his Segway in the latest series?) and make a nice choice if you or your recipient are not into eyeballs out thrill seeking and love good clean fun.

Rally driving days in Hampshire

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That’s a lot of rally days isn’t it?!