For a top class rally driving experience, you need a top class rally venue, rally-tuned cars and race-honed professionals to help, instruct and guide you to make your rally day an absolutely memorable and safe experience.
So much as we’d love the whole UK to be scattered with facilities like this, it just isn’t. Fact.

We know as much about rally driving experiences as any, and more than most, being dyed in the wool petrolheads and devotees of the white knuckle ride, and we’ve scoured the UK and the net to bring the best and most reputable experiences through experience providers we’ve known and worked with for years, and trust implicitly to give a great day out and super value for money.
So if we don’t offer the rally experience on this site, then it’s not one we’d recommend. Period.

This means sadly that if you live in Wales, for example, and want a great rally driving experience, then we’d advise that you go over the border to one of the recognised rally centres that are on offer in the Midland counties of England. There isn’t one in Wales that we’d recommend.

Many other locations don’t have their own rally driving experience facilities, but you’ll find that most places in England are within reach of some superb rallying, and you should be able to find one to suit you by checking out the county or location nearest to you in the locations listing on the right of every page.

And here is just a sample of the best rally driving experiences available throughout the UK

Rally Car Rides Essex Picture
Rally Car Rides Essex
   Into the blue Logo£25.00
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Teen Rally Stafford Picture
Teen Rally Stafford
   Into the blue Logo£29.00
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Rage Buggy Rally Driving Picture
Rage Buggy Rally Driving
   Into the blue Logo£30.00
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Rally Driving Leicestershire Picture
Rally Driving Leicestershire
   Into the blue Logo£59.00
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44% Off Double World Rally Blast Picture
44% Off Double World Rally Blast
   Red letter days Logo£69.00
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Rally Thrill Picture
Rally Thrill
   Virgin experience days Logo£69.00
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50% Off Suzuki Swift Rally Thrill Picture
50% Off Suzuki Swift Rally Thrill
   Red letter days Logo£70.00
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40% Off Supercar Versus Rally Thrill Picture
40% Off Supercar Versus Rally Thrill
   Red letter days Logo£75.00
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Supersprint Rally Experience Picture
Supersprint Rally Experience
   Into the blue Logo£79.00
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Apache Rally In Kent Picture
Apache Rally In Kent
   Into the blue Logo£79.00
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Apache Rally Driving In Kent Picture
Apache Rally Driving In Kent
   Red letter days Logo£85.00
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Rally Driving Yorkshire Picture
Rally Driving Yorkshire
   Into the blue Logo£85.00
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