A rally driving day in Armagh at Craigavon/Portadown is what Northern Ireland has to offer in the way of rallying experiences

What rally days are there around Northern Ireland?

There’s not as much choice in rally experience days for Northern Ireland as there is in the rest of the UK, but if you’re within reach of Portadown, then you’ve the chance to experience the thrills and excitement of a rally driving day. You get roughly a two hour experience, including familiarisation and the chance to pick up the tips and tricks that will help you go far faster than you ever thought possible.
So if you’ve seen the Flying Finn burning rubber and kicking up dirt on TV, and you’ve thought “I’d love to do that!”, then this is your chance.

We’ve trawled through all the rally experiences on the web, and picked out the rally days in Northern Ireland, but only from the most reputable suppliers. We’ve eliminated the suppliers that we don’t rate as reliable or value for money, so as well as a good experience, you’ll get the best prices available on our real-time updated price checker.

Rally experience days in Northern Ireland

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These are similar rally experiences to those sold at other tracks on the mainland, so you should expect just as good a rally driving event and just as much eyeballs-out fun and excitement.