Louth in Lincolnshire is one of the lesser known top rallying venues for experience days

So what rally driving experiences can I buy in Lincolnshire?

From Junior rally driving days, through tasters, extended rally driving experiences in rally-tuned monsters, right up to supercar experiences, Louth in Lincolnshire has the lot.
It’s simply a matter of how hot your rallying blood is, how much you want to spend, and what type of rallying experience appeals to you. Whatever type you choose, your knuckles will be white on the steering wheel, your pedal stamped hard to the metal, your wits and nerves strained to the last sinew on your rally driving day – it’s just the details that change.
If you’re new to rallying, then you’ve just no concept of what really bad boys these rally tuned cars are when compared with even the most high performance road car you’ve owned.

And most so called “sports” road cars aren’t even fit to be called pussycats when you compare them with these awfully (and we do mean awfully) mean kings of the jungle!

Rally driving days in Lincolnshire

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