Gloucestershire, while quite a way from some of the famous rallying venues of the UK, can still offer some great rally driving experiences at Cirencester – and some fun ones too in Chepstow.

So what rally driving experiences can I buy in Gloucestershire?

You can buy short rally driving experiences to give you a taste of what rally driving is about, test your skills and ability to thrash a rally tuned motor around a rally course, and end up longing for your next trip in a rally car; and you can buy full-on, longer rally experiences where you really and truly test your skills and ability to thrash a rally car, turn your knuckles and your hair white, and yes, you guessed it!, leave you longing for your next trip in a rally car.
That’s the thing about rally driving experiences and rally cars – they’re addictive, and once you’re experienced the difference between one of these really really bad boys and a normal road car, don’t blame us if you just want more. And more. And more. That’s how some of the pros started, and we’re not surprised.

Even so called “high performance” road cars are pussycats when you compare them with these awfully (and we do mean awfully) bad boys!

But if on the other hand you want a bit of speed and a lot of fun, then you can’t do better than a Segway rally. These two-wheeled beauties are the next best thing to sex when it comes to having a good time, and they go on for longer too!!! Go yourself, take a friend, take a party from work. You’ll all have laughs and fun galore whizzing your Segways along paths and bridleways, and give yourselves a day to remember. And all without turning your hair white.

Rally driving days in Gloucestershire

Junior Rally Driving In Gloucestershire Picture
Junior Rally Driving In Gloucestershire
   Into the blue Logo£129.00
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Rally Driving In Gloucestershire Picture
Rally Driving In Gloucestershire
   Red letter days Logo£175.00
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Forest Of Dean Classic Car Rally Picture
Forest Of Dean Classic Car Rally
   Into the blue Logo£249.00
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Authentic Rally Race Day Picture
Authentic Rally Race Day
   Red letter days Logo£315.00
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