Northern rally experiences – well that’s Northern if you live down South! To people living around Manchester, it’s the Midlands, or practically the middle of England!!/p>

What rally days are there around Manchester?

Well the good news is that there are some first class rally driving days for you to treat yourself to – or give as a never-to-be-forgotten gift – in the Manchester and Cheshire area. All rally enthusiasts and dare I say petrolheads know the famous Oulton Park circuit, so what a thrill it would be to thrash (oops, I mean drive carefully!!) a mean rally-prepared high powered machine round this track, coached by a top pro rally driver who shares with you the secrets and tricks of the trade that will turn your rally circuits from fast to eyeballs out, white knuckle speed. And Cheshire rallying experiences tend to be based at Oulton Park.
You’ve seen it on TV, thought “I could do that!”, so now’s your chance.

Are there fun rally experiences too?

Oh yes indeed. The best rally experiences around Manchester aren’t just for the wannabee Flying Finns, oh no! For people who want fun, fun,fun instead of speed, speed, speed, then check out the Segway rally. If you’ve not heard of it, the Segway is a fabulous little two wheeler that’s banned on our roads here in the UK (goodness knows why as they allow it in the US) but which can hare along tarmac and through forest trails with the best of them. You won’t break any speed records on a Segway, but boy will you have fun.

We’ve collated all the rally experiences on the web, and then pulled out the rally days in Manchester and Cheshire, but only from the most reputable suppliers. You won’t find any sharks or poor providers here, as we’ve cut them out. This means that it won’t be a long drive to get to the rally experience you want and you’ll get the best prices available on our real-time updated price checker.

All the experience companies sell you the same rallies, so provided it’s through us here, you can feel confident of a bargain in bagging yourself the cheapest rally driving experience day from the list below.

Rally experience days in Cheshire and Manchester

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If you want more choice, why not take a look at experiences in neighbouring counties like Yorkshire, or Staffordshire