We ‘ve found quite a few rally driving experiences in Berkshire, so you don’t have to drive too far before you can drive on the rally course.

Berkshire includes Reading, Windsor and Maidenhead. It’s in the south of England, so if you can’t find a rally day here that takes your fancy, it’s easy to look just a little further afield, maybe in places like London, Kent or Hampshire. As you can see, these experiences are mainly segway experience days, and if you’ve never thought of treating yourself to a Segway rally, then stop and check them out. They’re the most fun you can have on two wheels, and have been featured in House where Hugh Laurie rode one through Princeton Planinsbro Hospital. And as Segways, for some strange reason, are illegal on UK roads even though many states in the US are perfectly happy to let you drive one on the roads to your heart’s content, a Segway rally driving experience is the only chance you’ll get to try out one of these bad boys (unless you’ve got £6 grand to buy your own and a private estate to ride it on).
But there are a few proper speedy rally days in rally prepared cars for you to enjoy at in Berkshire, particularly at Thatcham, famous for its performance motoring associations.

Rally driving experience days in Berkshire

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So what else can we say about rally days in Berkshire?

Not a lot really. All these experience days are available in Berkshire (usually Thatcham). What are you waiting for, click though to the experience company and take a closer look.