Drive a rally car at Silverstone. Yes, you can get behind the wheel of a race-tuned car at Silverstone, the home of British Motorsport.
Here for you to choose from are all the net’s real rally driving experiences at Silverstone. Click through to check out the details, then buy the one you like – our real time price checker makes sure you get the cheapest experience price, and shows you any special offers as soon as they are listed.

We show only half day and full day rally drives, which give approximately half an hour and an hour at the wheel respectively. The rest of the time is spent being trained to handle the powerful bad boy or being driven by the experts to show you just what a rally car can do when pushed to the limit.

We’ve left out all the rally “taster” sessions, as although they’re cheaper, you get no more than a quarter of an hour at the wheel, which in our opinion is not long enough to slake your thirst for hands-on speed.

Double Rally Driving Thrill For One At Silverstone Rally School Picture
Double Rally Driving Thrill For One At Silverstone Rally School
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Rally Driving With High Speed Passenger Ride At Silverstone Rally School Picture
Rally Driving With High Speed Passenger Ride At Silverstone Rally School
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Half Day Rally Driving Experience At Silverstone Rally School Picture
Half Day Rally Driving Experience At Silverstone Rally School
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Full Day Rally Driving Experience At Silverstone Rally School Picture
Full Day Rally Driving Experience At Silverstone Rally School
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Rally driving at Silverstone review

Silverstone is well known across the world as the official home of motor sport in Britain, so you’d expect a great rally course, and with this custom built rally track encompassing all the best and most demanding driving terrain, you won’t be disappointed. There’s no smooth racetrack here, but rather a purpose made multi-terrain rally stage with shale, grit, mud and the rest. Without the expert to help, you’d have trouble driving over this kind of land even at regular road speeds, but with a little training in the tips and secrets of thrashing a race-tuned rally car while keeping control of it, you’ll amaze yourself at just how fast you can go round.

You’ll start, as you’d expect, with a safety briefing, as while your right foot will be itching to get into action, a race tuned car is a powerfully bad boy like you’ve never experienced and certainly not to be taken lightly.
Rally technique comes next, with briefings and demonstrations of how to master the car, keep it going as fast as possible in the right direction, and recover when things go a little bit hooky.
Then it’s strapped in tightly, hands on the wheel, eyeballs out, and off you go to try it yourself. You’ll be in the driving seat, but your friendly rally pro will be alongside you to advise, give tips and hints, and help you make the most of your rally driving time. The trip round the course lasts some 10 to 15 minutes, after which you’ll need a short debriefing before the urge grabs you to do it all again.

On the half day experience, you get two hands-on driving sessions, and on the full day you get four sessions, all lasting roughly the same time.
You then get to experience rally driving in the raw as a passenger when your instructor takes over the hot seat and shows you how it should be done.
You’ll think you were fast after your own hands-on sessions, but now you’ll see what fast really means, and if you get round the rally course as passenger without shutting your eyes, screaming out loud and crying for mercy, or curling into a ball in the passenger seat and sobbing gently till it’s all over, then you might make a rally driver yet. We’ve done it twice, and were still amazed even the second time at just how fast and hairy these pro drivers can make the car go and still stay on track and in control. You will be too.
We recommend taking someone with a video camera to film your power slides, wheel spins and handbrake turns. O try to take action snaps of what they can see of you as you flash past. You can put your pics/videos on facebook to show your mates just how great a rally driver you are.

Or at least to show them what a brilliant time you had, and we can bet that more than one of them will book for a rally experience themselves.
You’ll have mastered some new driving techniques, which could help you if you got into a tricky situation in a road car, and given your driving a whole new aura of confidence, as well as having the time of your life and a day to be remembered for long afterwards.

About the rally day tasters

We thought it just worth saying a brief word about the shorter, or taster rally sessions. If you’re short of the ready but still long to try your skill and judgement behind the wheel of a rally car, then they are a good choice and good value for money. We do however find that many people tend to find the single ten to fifteen minute hands-on session over too quickly and to feel that they’re just getting their hand in when it’s all over. So for the extra few pounds, we think it’s worth paying that little bit more and taking the half day session where you get the chance to repeat your drive round the rally course and show how much improvement comes with doubling the time in action.
If you do want a rally taster, either as a gift or for yourself, just click on one of the longer experiences above and you’ll see the taster sessions listed there as well.
As we say, the tasters are fine in themselves, but will leave you longing for more.
The full day experience with four driving sessions is fine, but our recommendation for the best compromise between expense and enjoyment is the half day, two session rally driving.

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