So what was that fantastic scooter that House was riding in S7 E17?

You wouldn’t believe how many friends and customers have asked me that since the House episode screened in the US this week. And when it screens in the UK shortly, I think I’ll get a handbill printed with the answer on it!

Are you ready? It’s a Segway.

House was riding a Segway.

Now I thought everybody would know what a Segway was by now, judging by the number of Segway experience days that have been flying off the shelves like hot cakes. And the recent case where a Barnsley man was fined for riding his Segway on the road.

But in case you haven’t, here’s the lowdown.

The Segway is a brilliant battery-powered two-wheeler that stays upright by means of gyroscopes. That means you can bowl along up hill and down dale without losing your balance or falling over, and even stand still, all without  falling over. Sounds like fun?

Well here’s the bad news. They cost several thousand dollars US, and you can’t ride them legally on public roads or footpaths in the UK. Though you can go to work on your Segway in several US states, and lots of people do.

But there’s good news too.

You can enjoy a cheap Segway experience at a location near you. Yes, all  the fun of the Segway for well under £100. And everybody we know who’s been on a Segway ride has loved it, and most have gone again…………and again……………and again!

So if you want one of these great little scooters, but don’t have several thousand dollars to spare or a private estate to ride it on, a Segway experience could be what you are looking for. Or better still, take a friend and book a Segway experience for two.

We’ve checked out the cheapest Segway experiences and cheapest Segway for two and they’re on the links below. So what are you waiting for?

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