If you’ve within reach of Birmingham and love to drive, love to compete and have sense of adventure, then this Extreme Dodgems experience is the one for you.
You get to try your hand at real stock car racing with real stock cars, race stewards and marshals to keep it all in order, even a live commentary on the action as you race round the track against your competitors, and the presentation of a trophy on a podium at the end for the winner.

Which is the cheapest stock car racing experience?

The different extreme dodgems/stock car racing sessions you can buy are all actually the same one. But different experience companies market it under their own brand, sometimes for different prices. That’s why we’ve brought them all together for you in one place so that you can compare prices for yourself and buy it from whoever is cheapest at the time. We only use the most reputable experience companies, so you can be sure of a great experience and good value for money.

All the prices shown are real time, so you’ll also get to see special offers before anybody else too – though this is a very popular driving experience and you rarely see special offers as it usually fills up quickly.

Extreme Dodgems - Birmingham Picture
Extreme Dodgems - Birmingham
   Into the blue Logo£119.00
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Extreme Dodgems Picture
Extreme Dodgems
   Red letter days Logo£119.00
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Extreme Dodgems Picture
Extreme Dodgems
   Buyagift Logo£119.00
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Extreme Dodgems Stockcar Racing Picture
Extreme Dodgems Stockcar Racing
   Activity Superstore Logo£129.00
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Extreme Dodgems Picture
Extreme Dodgems
   Virgin experience days Logo£149.99
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All you need to do is click through to check out the details, then buy the cheapest one. It’s as simple as that.

Extreme dodgems review

Extreme dodgems is a good way to describe this hair-raising experience, as in a way stock car racing is very like the dodgems at a funfair, only faster – much faster – and harder.
Your session starts with an introduction to stock car safety, and the few rules that make sure you get round safely and win fair and square.
You’ll then do a few practice laps to get your eye in and give the old right foot a bit of practice at ramming the pedal to the metal. And before you know it, you’re off on the first of your two heats to see which of the finals you qualify for.
It’s eyeballs-out and winner takes all as you pit your skills and nerve against all-comers, with eight competitors to a heat so you’re sure to have some real competition.

We say skill and nerve, but as you’d expect there is a little bit of luck comes into play, which is useful if you don’t find yourself in first place after the heats.
Heats over and drivers sorted into appropriate driving skill levels, you’re off on the ten-lap final. And what a final. With a trophy at stake, and more competitors than there are podium places, it can be a cut-throat business, so it’s as well that there are stewards and race marshals in abundance to keep things in order.

And remember that at the end, there’s a trophy presentation on the podium. Imagine what a video that would make.
You’re welcome to take a companion to film and video your progress from beginner to champion, and with a bit of luck you could join the immortals on Youtube with your exploits on the Birmingham stock car track.

Or even better, you could let us have it and we’ll post it proudly in here for all to see.

You get to do about 30 laps in total over your practice, heats and final, so we think this experience is a really good value driving experience. And we love the way the attendants and commentators turn it into the closest thing to a real stock car racing competition you’ll find.
We loved it, and are sure that you will too.

So while we’re waiting for your video to post here, try this one from Youtube to give you the flavour of the Birmingham stock car experience:

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